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Your Style.

For urban iconoclasts, the Tosen Nort is an essential to make your fashion statement sing. Exquisite Italian lamb nappa takes front stage, while soft bubble leather on the rear panels drives an irresistibly textured backbeat.

Luxury caps in precision-made detail.

Each Tosen cap is a 6-panel crown construction that features a subtly nuanced composition of fine nappa leathers in striking color, a five-hole leather strap with metal fastenings for comfort and durability, a hand-stitched visor measured to the millimeter, and an inner lining of luxurious 100% Chinese silk.

Made To Match

To truly express your unique edge, compelling materials are a must. Tosen caps are crafted from lush A-grade lamb nappa, densely woven silks and high-sheen chrome to create the ultimate finishing touch on your fashion. Opulent lining patterns and precise stitching complement the supple nappa grain of hand-cut panels, all composed in matching shades. Your eyes and fingertips will revel in the buttery-soft bounce of Tosen’s clean-cut crown shape and its delicately ingrained textures.

Delicately Curated

Our nappa leathers are sourced from French, Italian and other European tanneries that are renowned for producing many of the world’s highest-grade leathers. Our artisans ensure that each skin is tanned with the utmost care, evenly colored and spotless while fully preserving the natural grain. Once a skin passes inspection, it is meticulously prepared, patterned, cut and sewn into original Tosen caps by seasoned craftsmen. This process demands careful handling due to the nappa’s delicate features. As a result, crafting a Tosen cap requires superior skill honed by decades of practice.

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